Scissor Sisters : Laura

More glam-disco absurdity...

More glam-disco absurdity from [a]Elton John[/a] new best friends.

The first three seconds of this single sound worryingly like [a]Moby[/a] ‘Honey’,

but once that horrifying similarity

dissipates, the high-class camp

kicks in and before we know it ‘Laura’ has sent

us bouncing all the way to the dancefloor. Every day can

be a Friday night and every grimy, beer-stained student

disco a potential Studio 54 for the [a]Scissor Sisters[/a]. With every single they release, it becomes harder not to see

things from this louche collective’s point of view – especially now that they’ve made it clear that irony isn’t something

that they care to peddle. As the Sisters themselves would doubtless say: fuck everything, let’s jive. And, later, we really will fuck everything.

Hardeep Phull