Razorlight : Golden Touch

Painfully shy types attempt chest-beating rock heroics...

Painfully shy types attempt

chest-beating rock heroics

The question of whether Johnny Borrell’s arrogance knows any boundaries is ultimately pointless because as long as the tunes keep coming, he can be as big-headed as he pleases. Not nearly as sprightly as any of [a]Razorlight[/a] previous efforts, ‘Golden Touch’ sees Borrell in a melancholic, minor-chord kind of mood singing a hushed, staccato hymn for all those poor boys who’ve lusted from afar only to suffer the pain of rebuke. A bizarre subject matter considering Borrell himself was last spotted outside the Charlotte in Leicester waving a big stick in an attempt to ward off several pheromone-crazed members of the [a]Razorlight[/a] fanclub. Departing drummer or not, their assault on Britain remains firmly on track.

Hardeep Phull