Kelis : Millionaire

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Aka Andre 3000's 'Millionaire'…

If I were Andre 3000 – and who’s to say that, in some distant universe, I’m not? – I’d be a little fucked off to see this single billed as Kelis when, in fact, it’s all about me you absolute bastards! I sing on it, I rap on it, I wrote most of it, I produced it, I provided the vibes, I give it the magic sparkle that move it from being just another fairly uninteresting Kelis single plucked from an album no-one’s that interested in buying any more into being a piano-licked slice of heaven itself. But then, annoyingly, she does glide in on feather-light castors to whisper about the agony of riches. All the while sounding glasses-steamingly fine, so perhaps I should get off her back about it after all. Confusing, isn’t it?