The Departure : Be My Enemy


Straight-faced and stridently post-punk shocker…

When I first heard this I really didn’t like it at all. In fact, I tossed it in the huge pile at the foot of my desk marked, “Piss off, I’m busy”, but, luckily, I went back to it, because it’s actually fucking great. The Departure have many things going for them, not least of which is they are an English band who sound like an American band who’ve recently discovered obscure Duran Duran and Gary Numan records. They look like fearsomely serious young men – it’s funny haircuts and tight suits all over the shop round their way – and they very well might prove to be nightmarishly ponderous and deserving of the most severe kicking in times to come, but right now, ‘Be My Enemy’ is firmly stuck just the right side of howlingly pretentious and that’s a good place to be.