Foo Fighters : Best Of Me

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From a double album with quiet and loud bits, this being from the louder sibling…

Admittedly the scientific theory may be a little sketchy, but by recording a double Foo Fighters album split into rock and acoustic halves, Dave Grohl has demonstrated the theories behind hereditary genetics, producing two offspring that each share the core DNA of their parent organism, but exhibit completely different characteristics. One is all melodic light and tenderness, the other dark bluster and rage. Hence listening to ‘Best Of Me’, the lead track from the noisy sibling, is akin to be being shouted at by a love-spurned psychopath for four whole minutes with barely a second of respite. If there is a tune in here then it’s pretty well camouflaged by the incessantly grinding guitars and Dave’s dubious decision to sing the song in the style of an asphyxiated Joe Cocker. Still, that’s eugenics for you.