Patrick Wolf: Accident & Emergency

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The Phantom Of Haçienda is here...

Patrick Wolf is what would happen if Conor ‘Bright Eyes’ Oberst (or one of those other winsome, teary-eyed Saddle Creek dudes) got lost in a nightclub somewhere around the start of electroclash and only found his way out of its labyrinthine corridors sometime last week, lighting his way by the dull luminescence of a glowstick. There’s basslines that demand a good flick of the fringe, vocals chopped and diced, perhaps by all the sharp cheekbones on display; but there’s pathos beneath the fash-slag flounce. “If you never lose” he quivers, atop a sudden swell of advert trumpets, “How’re you going to know when you’ve won?” Resist the urge to blub – you’ll only ruin your make-up.