The Cribs

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Men’s Needs (Wichita)

There were a few rock stars that were, in the words of Liam Gallagher, totally fookin’ ’avin’ it in 2007. Frank Carter was obviously one, Beth Ditto another, and Ryan Jarman was the man doing it for the homegrown indie set, as The Cribs returned better than ever before. Brilliant on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, sexy pop star girlfriend and then this, superbly snake-hipped, effortlessly insouciant, raspingly passionate and packing a Blondie-esque disco undertow and one of the coolest, most inadvertently romantic almost-couplets (“I’m not bothered what you say or how you dress/I’m a mess”) you’re ever going to hear. Thousands of teenagers will have had sex together on account of bellowing this song at each other across sweaty clubs up and down the land, and there’s no higher compliment you can pay a song.