The Enemy

Had Enough

Guitars by Franz Ferdinand. Drums by The Who. Lip twitch by a teenage Weller. Mood by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Chorus by Abba. For such fresh-faced young tykes The Enemy are well versed in their rock influences – one can only assume they were suckled by ‘Surfer Rosa’ and fed ‘Psychocandy’ from birth, and certainly must’ve spent those long afternoons in front of Richard & Jud-eh with the sound down listening to ‘All Mod Cons’ and ‘Rated R’.

And so ‘Had Enough’ (like ‘Away From Here’ and ‘It’s Not OK’ before it) is both raucous and accomplished; a stout, sturdy and astounding rock chugarama that benefits from ex-producer Owen Morris leaving the mixing desk set to ‘Supersonic’ when he left. Keith Moon drumrolls and Gallagher-ish guitars lead Tom Clarke’s Cov David Byrne impression on its charge towards a chorus so glam that it could be advertising Nobby’s Nuts in 30 years, and a middle-eight that appears to have fallen off the back of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. Three circuits of the “Waay-eh! waaay-eh!” bit inside two and a half minutes and it’s gone. No mucking about, no hanging around for a cheeky fourth chorus, simply rocketing off down Modern Classic Boulevard with the wind in its hair and a cucumber wrapped in tinfoil down its pants. Christ alone knows what they’ll be capable of when they sound like they’re trying.