Those Dancing Days

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Those Dancing Days

‘Twist And Shout’, ‘I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar’, ‘Into The Groove’, ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Dancing Queen’. Pop music’s apex is surely reached once you start singing about dancing. Bollocks to politics, bollocks to romance, bollocks to the canonisation of xenomorphic priestesses or whatever Matt Bellamy twitters on about – dancing’s the only thing that matters. Plus, plus, songs about dancing are pretty much always about shagging.

But it being the 21st century and morality having crumbled ages ago (yay!), these five Swedish teenagers could easily write a song about shagging if they wanted to, so this probably is actually about dancing. Those Dancing Days – Linnea, Rebecka, Cissi, Lisa and Mimmi – have written their self-titled good-time manifesto.

“Living for music, living in a dance/Music for life: Those Dancing Days”. If that is their vision for the world, let’s hope that Gordon Brown slips in the shower, allowing this relentless party wagon to take charge. This is what we want from a Scandinavian pop band. Come indie-disco time, this will be the song to wash the miserable buffoons from the dancefloor with a tidal wave of polka-dot dance princesses carelessly throwing themselves about in worship of their own bodies. In worship of dancing.

That’s not to say it isn’t thoughtful; perhaps it’s aided by the Sweenglish this band admit to speaking. But front-lady Linnea smiles through one of the most beautiful, touchingly poetic approximations of dancing ever to hit plastic: “Summer attraction burning in my veins/Time does not exist”, she swoons. “Dancing in the night, dancing through the days”. Oh man, throw down this rag, get yourself a copy of this, find five Swedish schoolgirls and go for a dance.