This Week’s Single Reviews (16/07/12)

Alt J, Azari & III, King Charles

[i]NME’s Tom Howard reviews this week’s single releases[/i]

Jodie Connor feat Busta Rhymes – ‘Take You There’

Two things you’ll notice when watching the video for ‘Take You There’: 1) Jodie Connor, formerly of Roll Deep fame, has ditched the grime-pop in favour of dancing about on a beach in skimpy chain-mail to routine synthpop. Alarming, but not as alarming as: 2) Busta Rhymes was not invited to join her on said beach. Who doesn’t invite Busta Rhymes on holiday?

Azari & III – ‘Into The Night’

 If there’s a teeny chance you’re yet to familiarise yourself with tremendous house music monsters Azari & III – JUST DO IT. They’re the greatest guaranteed good-time band of our time, and even though this and every other song on their debut album has been released about 12 times already, it’s still loads more fun than your plans for this weekend.

Alt-J – ‘Tessellate’

In which the ultimate Devendra Banhart soundalikes roll on with ‘Tessellate’, the most Devendra Banhart of all Alt-J songs. Doesn’t matter though, ’cos its piano lollop is as pleasingly creepy as all their other stuff, helped by the superbly delivered line, “And all your friends come… (breathes in deeply and heavily through nose) …sniffing”.

King Charles feat Mumford & Sons – ‘The Brightest Light’

 King Charles is one of those genuine English eccentrics who wears tracksuit bottoms at the same time as sporting a wispy Dali moustache like it’s no big deal. He’s roped in chums Mumford & Sons to help him become more famous than he’d otherwise ever be with their banjos, waistcoats and hog-roast podge. It’s fine, ’cos King Charles has a beehive hairdo.

Blood Diamonds feat Grimes – ‘Phone Sex’

 “Listened to this track – my brain turned into honey and is slowly dripping from my nostrils, ears and mouth.” That YouTube comment has 11 thumbs-ups. And montreal514kino’s right, you know. The bass/steel-drum combo is the musical equivalent of using olive oil to loosen excess earwax, with added Grimes vox: “[i]Hey daddy it’s too soon/I’m living on the moon[/i]”.

Delilah – ‘Inside My Love’

 Do you recognise this as: a) Jean Jacques Smoothie’s house banger ‘2 People’; b) Moloko’s remix of said house banger; c) Minnie Riperton’s 1975 tune ‘Inside My Love’ or d) Paloma Stoecker aka Delilah’s fourth single? If you answered a) Your knowledge of house music is strong; b) Your knowledge of Radio 1 in 2001 is strong; c) You’re probably too old to be reading this mag; d) That’s exactly what it is. Quite good isn’t it?

This article originally appeared in the July 14th issue of NME

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