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10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (20/01/2013)


10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (20/01/2013)

Milk Music – ‘I’ve Got A Wild Feeling’

If you’re a Green Day, Foo Fighters or Dinosaur Jr fan, listen up. You need to move on from those guys. You don’t need middle-aged men who dress like teenagers, dry-hump speaker stacks and fool about with toilet-paper cannons in your life any more. These men have had their chance to rebel, but the time is right and the time is NOW to make room in your life for some new alt.rock heroes. Enter Olympia, Washington’s Milk Music and their frontman Alex Coxen, a man who’s 100 per cent sure of himself, his band and what they’re doing. As he told NME after a New York show last year: “It’s high art.” Okay, so their tunes don’t feel or sound very arty but ‘I’ve Got A Wild Feeling’, the first cut from forthcoming album ‘Cruise Your Illusion’, sets them apart from any other DIY band around right now. There’s a wistfulness to lines like “For once, I thought the world was mine” that makes the song sound like a lost cut from Hüsker Dü’s ‘Candy Apple Grey’. Guitarist Charles Warring helps himself to a HUGE solo and there’s a lot of OTT twanging – plus the cool and constant thudding that made breakout track ‘Beyond Living’ so good. As they shouted from the stage that night in New York: “You’ve probably figured out by now that we’re Milk Music. What you don’t know yet is that we are the shit!”
Siân Rowe

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – ‘Jubilee Street’

“These days I go downtown in my tie and tails/I got a foetus on a leash”. What kind of sick, depraved mind would write a thing like that? And who’d have the chutzpah to sing it over sweetly straining strings? Welcome back Nick Cave you marvellous bastard, we’ve missed you.
Kevin EG Perry

Jagwar Ma – ‘The Throw’

Jagwar Ma might just be one of the most exciting bands on the planet right now. Tearing up their native Australia with best buds Foals, ‘The Throw’ is their grand statement to the world. It bleeds like ‘Screamadelica’-era Primals with a healthy dose of 2012 Tame Impala whacked in too. Mesmeric stuff.
Matt Wilkinson

Joey Bada$$ – ‘Unorthodox’

What finer seal of approval can there be for a rising star of hip-hop than an invite to legendary producer DJ Premier’s studio? A classic muscular Premo beat and piano chords that march with swagger pin down the track, while Bada$$ proves he has the slickest flow out of all the up-and-comers.
Lucy Jones

Filthy Boy – ‘Jimmy Jammies’

London four-piece Filthy Boy arrive so arch and messily sleazy that they sound like they’ve been home-schooled by ‘Pencil Skirt’-era Jarvis Cocker. On the growly, breathy (and appropriately dirty) download ‘Jimmy Jammies’, you can tell they want to make girls do more than just dance.
Jamie Fullerton

Johnny Marr – ‘Upstarts’

Lean back into the satisfying upholstery of this very ’70s, Nick Lowe-ish poppy chug with its surprising melody and unflashily beguiling guitar, and reflect that Johnny Marr is Johnny Marr. He doesn’t need to try too hard, and nor should he. Also props for the ‘out of my way, brats’ title.
Emily Mackay

Dave Grohl & Corey Taylor – ‘From Can To Can’t’

So this Dave Grohl movie, Sound City, is starting to sound quite exciting, isn’t it? The Macca track was great, and now comes a Corey Taylor collab. For the first minute or so he sounds more Stone Sour than Slipknot, but soon some crunching power chords arrive and all is well.
Liam Cash

Girls Names – ‘Pittura Infamante’

Blossoming out of the garage jangle of last year’s fine debut album ‘Dead To Me’, the new stuff from Belfast’s Girls Names delves into some dreamy goth rock and psych. This track’s swooning Morrissey vocals and lush whirling organ fit right into that sound.
Jenny Stevens

Gold Panda – ‘Trust’

The title track from his imminent EP ‘Trust’ is a trademark tune from the UK producer. By ‘trademark’, of course, I mean half of it’s recorded backwards, there’s a bit that sounds like a bubbling brook and overall it generates the feeling of being under the influence of extremely potent opiates.
Tom Howard

MØ – ‘Glass’

If you can’t wait for fellow Swedish pop stars Robyn and Lykke Li to release new music, chances are MØ will placate you. Icy sharp pop with a big heart and bigger vocals packed full of bleeps, throbs and piercing chants, ‘Glass’ is a minimal banger owing as much to US hip-hop as it does to her European neighbours.
David Renshaw