This Week’s Singles Reviewed (09/02/13)

XXXY, Rita Ora, Wolf Alice

This week’s singles reviewed by NME’s Eve Barlow

XXXY – ‘Got Me So’

A ‘Triple XY’ is a rare phenomenon when a boy is born with two extra X chromosomes. Sexy. Presumably that’s what happened to beatmaker Rupert Taylor. His is the sort of music you hear in a Film 4 production on club culture when a sea of Rohypnol’d ravers start staring lustily into each other’s eyes then attack each other’s faces with their faces. Also, glow sticks.

Rita Ora – ‘Radioactive’

Oh Wizadora, Kia-Ora, Understudy Rihanna, etc. ‘We Found Love’ this is not. By the looks of the video, she’s set up shop in Chernobyl on a desolate plane with some blokes in gas masks. “This club’s ray-dee-oh-ack-tive”, she repeats. Evacuate now, Rita. Save your pretty face from melting.

Sweet Baboo – ‘Let’s Go Swimming Wild’

At first I was disappointed there was no “You give me the/Sweetest BABOO” lyric, but… if you like psychedelic folk with brassy parping, or the wonky pop of Alt-J, this is right up your stream. The album’s called ‘Ships’ so there’s a nautical theme, as there was with The Lighthouse Family and The Little Mermaid.

Wolf Alice – ‘Fluffy’

FLUFF ME SIDEWAYS! In three minutes, Wolf Alice pack in as many crashing drums, squalling riffs and grungey basslines as possible. It all climaxes in an instrumental chorus that storms off and slams the door behind it. Some knobber will probably say it’s not as good as Kim Deal, Elastica or L7 but screw ’em. If only Pussy Riot made these sorts of tunes.

Night Beds – ‘Ramona’

If you were Ramona and a sort of lightweight Ryan Adams wrote a song about you and it turned out like this you’d be chuffed. You’d feel like the star on the once-excellent US teen show Dawson’s Creek, running along a beach into the open arms of a total babe.

The Men – ‘Electric’

WAKE UP EVERYONE! ROCK IS HAPPENING. If you’re low on hair mousse I’d advise listening to Wolf Alice’s track then The Men’s back-to-back. Ultimate volume. This is a riotous punk-out that’s more “distorted” than “electric”. Reminiscent of The Soft Pack when they were The Muslims. With a chorus like the Foos’ ‘My Hero’. But harder, faster and more screwed up.