This Week’s Singles Reviewed (02/03/13)

Banks, The Vaccines, Velour

This week’s singles reviewed by NME’s Al Horner

Banks – ‘Before I Ever Met You’

Imagine naming yourself Banks in 2013. Hasn’t the mysterious Los Angeles vocalist behind this sultry trip-hop-pop track ever heard of word association? Banks are so evil you might

as well call yourself The Findus Horsemeat Yewtree Piers Morgan Experience and be done with it. No need to bail out on this new talent though, as ‘Before I Ever Met You’ sounds like Massive Attack doing a Bond theme, with pouty vocals, too-cool clicks and a deep, sultry beat.

Drenge – ‘Bloodsports’

Have you ever been on a moonshine-fuelled 3am rampage in a stolen car through a deserted city centre? One with Alex Turner and Queens Of The Stone Age tied up in the boot? Alright, me neither. But why bother, when listening to Sheffield brothers Drenge gives you the same experience but with 100 per cent less prison?

Willy Moon – ‘My Girl’

My baby don’t care for picture shows”, Willy Moon pines on this new single, his first since last year’s ‘Yeah Yeah’ was featured on an Apple ad. Yeah, probably because “picture shows” haven’t existed for about six decades, dude. You’re thinking of ‘films’, Willy! Catch up. This is a clunky slab of ’60s retro-pop so forgettable I had myself tested for amnesia straight afterwards.

The Vaccines – ‘Bad Mood’

It’s easy to be frustrated with The Vaccines. They’ve only had two albums and their pastiche of bands like the Ramones and The Jesus And Mary Chain is already sounding laboured. Still, when they manage to be raucous – as on this ragged, snotfaced garage-punk track – it’s better to lose yourself and crowdsurf rather than care.

The 1975 – ‘Chocolate’

Where have Fall Out Boy been during their three-year hiatus? Because it sounds like they’ve been passing tips to Manchester four-piece The 1975. Despite its gangster storyline this is like the Illinois emos on a Thomas Cook package holiday, all glossy production and cheery tropical guitar licks. Avoid.

Velour – ‘Dial’

Between his work on Jessie Ware’s debut album in 2012 and slinky tracks of his own, Julio Bashmore is the new sophisticate king of dance music. True to type, this twitchy, effervescent collab with Black Acre whizz Hyetal is so classy it was probably recorded in luxurious satin robes with a mouth full of Ferrero Rocher.