Jake Bugg, Pond, Hebronix and more brand new songs you really need to hear this week

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10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (19/06/2013)


10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (19/06/2013)

Jake Bugg – ‘Broken’

Recorded with legendary producer Rick Rubin in Malibu as part of the sessions for his new album, this is a reworking of Jake Bugg’s ballad ‘Broken’ from last year’s mega-selling self-titled debut album. From the sounds of it Jake’s no longer just one man with a guitar on a mission to save ‘real’ music with the skiffle of ‘Lightning Bolt’ or the dusty porch croon of ‘Trouble Town’. As he sings “For you, I’ve become all I lost, all I hoped for” there are wailing strings. There’s a cheesy tinkle of church bells to coincide with the words “church bells”; then, at the song’s peak, an eight-piece choir joins in to accompany Bugg’s “Woooaaaaah”.

Man-mountain Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers gently patters away behind the drumkit and Rubin adds the same pop grandeur that he recently contributed to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’. It won’t put off fans of the original – which didn’t exactly hold back on the showiness in its final minute – and will attract a host of new listeners. However, Bugg has already said that he fully expects his very slight change of direction to lead to the eagerly awaited second album getting slated. In reality it’ll just make it that bit harder for him to pull off the awkward ‘My name’s Jake. I just like writing tunes’ thing. He sounds like a polished star now.

Siân Rowe, Assistant Reviews Editor

Radkey – ‘Out Here In My Head’

The latest addition to the wave of young, brilliant bands making rock’n’roll more exciting than ever, teenage brothers Radkey hold nothing back. The punk riffs and singer Dee Radke’s howls on ‘Out Here In My Head’ are as fiery as they come, reaffirming the Missouri trio’s status as a blistering prospect.

Rhian Daly, writer

Nothankyou – ‘Know Yourself’

This fruit of Tom Vek’s union with Olga Bell of Dirty Projectors is a dark-hearted little thing, flying in your face with spitefully flanged synths, a pulse-quickening go-go beat and Bell’s rich, smouldering vocal. It’s reminiscent of a super-dark New Young Pony Club or ’90s tech-goth seethers Ruby.

Emily Mackay, writer

Deaf Club – ‘April’

At a recent London gig, Deaf Club singer Polly Mackey picked a fragrance of “violet, pheromones and coconut” to be pumped out over the usual venue stench of sweat and booze. This teaser for the Welsh shoegazers’ upcoming EP is sweetly aromatic too, until the final minute when heavier guitars add a musky tang.

Nick Levine, writer

Schoolboy Q Feat. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Collard Greens’

Kendrick Lamar has cropped up on a lot of guest spots so far in 2013 (Dido? Come on), but this is by far the best. The Black Hippy pair go in on a machine-gun rattle of a beat, trading increasingly frenzied verses with a quality that can only come from two of the best rappers in the world right now competing to be the greatest.

David Renshaw, News Reporter

Temples – ‘Ankh’

The sort of song Indiana Jones might uncover by plunging his hand into a hole full of scorpions, ‘Ankh’ is a mystical artefact of great psych-rock worth. Then it turns into an end-of-Cairo-Pier organ riff liable to summon sun gods
at even the squelchiest Glastonbury.

Mark Beaumont, writer

Thom Yorke – ‘Honey Pot’

Be warned: this song might put you in a trance. Spiralling, celestial vocal loops and repeated riffs circle over bleak, mechanical beats like crows in a slate sky – or even a spoon stirring a honey pot. The track started as a remix of ‘In Rainbows’ track ‘All I Need’ before morphing into something new and very good indeed.

Lucy Jones, Deputy Editor, NME.COM

No Age – ‘C’mon Stimmung’

The first cut from the LA noise-punk duo’s forthcoming fourth album ‘An Object’ shows no sign that they’re slowing down. Fuelled by all the gutteral dirge we’ve come to expect, it’s straight-up ragged punk, complete with a firing line of percussion and yowls of “I’m still alriiiiight”.

Jenny Stevens, Deputy News Editor

Hebronix – ‘Viral’

Former Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg’s new solo project returns with a string-laden single that pulls off the not insignificant trick of being just as melancholy as anything he produced with his former bandmates. Summer pop as heard in a warm narcotic daydream.

Kevin EG Perry, Assistant Editor, NME.COM

Pond – Xanman

‘Xanman’ is everything rock’n’roll should be in 2013: loud, arrogant, sexy, swaggering, riff-heavy and totally fucking cool. It leaves you thinking that while Tame Impala – with whom the Aussie five-piece share members – are busy conquering the world, THIS is where the real party’s at.

Matt Wilkinson, New Music Editor

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