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Mad Max: Fury Road - Film Review

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron hit the road in what is surely the most exhilarating film of 2015 so far


Swim Deep - 'Honey'

Why do Swim Deep keep re-releasing the same singles?


Filthy Boy - 'That Life'

‘That Life’ might be the only song of the year to hail a wife with “phenomenal tits” over Whitechapel alleyway blues


Middleman - 'Helpless'

‘Helpless’ is obstinate and unnecessary – and will probably be massive


Caitlin Rose - 'Waitin''

Caitlin Rose manages to make you feel heartbroken about finishing a cup of tea


Fenech-Soler - 'Last Forever'

If you want to grab those dying embers of sunshine and have an excuse to drink cider in a park that isn’t just “I’m a tramp”, get this in your life


Los Porcos - 'CFW'

Former Wu Lyf-ers do the yacht-rock thing complete with the on-point hustle of Hall & Oates


Rainer - 'Girls'

A latticework of warm beats and honeyed vocals around an irresistibly sleek hook


Society - '14 Hours'

A rolling, sad-eyed soul number you can imagine hearing in a cult ’70s film

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