Coping With The Urban Coyote

Hugely anticipated in underground rock circles, big things are expected from ex-[a]Kyuss[/a] frontman [B]John Garcia[/B]'s - new outfit's debut....

Hugely anticipated in underground rock circles, big things are expected from ex-Kyuss frontman John Garcia's - new outfit's debut. But those expecting a second course of Kyuss' kaleidoscopic desert rock will be disappointed because Unida's debut is an old-skool, no-frills, heavy bastard of a hard rock album, just like Lemmy used to make.

The 'songs' are at - best basic but they're - just so ROCK!, due in the main to Garcia's Astbury-esque wolfman howl, making it easy to forgive the lacklustre guitar work and chow down on the big meaty slabs of pure RAAAWK! contained within.

Album openers 'Thorn' and 'Blackwoman' sound like a ride to a Hell's Angel convention on the back of a Harley Davidson with a guy named Zoot. Drawing from AC/DC, The Cult and Judas Priest, it's all swagger, spit and sawdust and it's not until the - final dub rock epic of 'You Wish' (think The Verve with tattoos) that there's any let-up in their furious 'amps-at-11' racket at all.

Not exactly a collection of 'tunes' then, rather a gruelling, - rock workout album. Dirty, - rotten, greasy and mashed up on booze and speed, Unida are - keeping it heavy for those about - to rock.
8 / 10

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