Universal Indicator : Innovation In The Dynamics Of Acid

Old-skool acid megamix from tha vaults

Those who find it hard to come

to terms with techno's wilful anonymity, steel yourselves,

for this is where the genre

attains new extremes of mystery and obtuseness.

Who were Universal Indicator? No-one's saying, but it was a loose collective of early-'90s bedroom technoheadz from the Rephlex roster (Aphex seems a pretty likely bet for one participant). Track titles? There aren't any. Such is the Braindance credo: don't geek, just fucking rave.

And you will, at least if the pernicious viruses of moron trance and pseudo-sophisto house lead you to reach for your Uzi. 'Innovation In The Dynamics Of Acid' strips dance music down

to its exoskeleton, rebuilds it

into an explosive, hedonistic image and paints it in glorious primary colours.

Twenty-one tracks - mixed into a near-seamless whole by Rephlex mainstay the Kosmik Kommando - all clawing at your cerebellum with four-four thuggery, 303s squelching like a pig farmer's wellies. This kind of dumb fun hasn't been 'in' for years - except at the kind of ketamine'n'amyl-raddled underground shindigs where techno-crusties the Liberator DJs are minor gods. Yet it's UI's resultant curio status that renders this collection jawdroppingly cool.

This sealed-off, Bilderberg Group-like confine of lo-fi boffins can be a tough club to access.

But dive in and lose yourself in Universal Indicator's extremities, and you'll be rewarded. Too good to be left with the trainspotters,

for sure.

Noel Gardner
8 / 10

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