Untitled Musical Project

Untitled Musical Project

Praise the Lord for Birmingham’s Untitled Musical Project, who are showing us that anvil-heavy rawk music can actually be fun as well as viscerally thrilling. Squirting at the seams with stupidly smarmy lyrics about deodorant and song titles like ‘I May Not Be Jimi Hendrix But At Least I’m Still Alive’, they’re indebted to now-defunct Cardiff throat-tearers Mclusky as much as Mclusky were indebted to now-defunct(-ish) throat-tearers Pixies — wielding a similarly frenetic blast of cyni-rock that grips the lapels like a bouncer remonstrating with a drug dealer. And while their debut arrives bizarrely minus their ear-snagging early singles (where on Earth is ‘Beards And Drugs’, for example?), as an introduction to UMP it’s as immediate as a headbutt to the temple and equally memorable.

Jamie Fullerton
7 / 10

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