Usher : U Remind Me

Usher releases follow-up to the massive 'Pop Ya Colla'...

Admittedly not the most obvious follow-up to the storming 'Pop Ya Colla', but you've got to give this one time to digest. Not quite a ballad (but as near to it as we'd tolerate this time of year), 'U Remind Me' with its depressingly attractive video (how on earth does TLC's Chilli manage to look so fine ALL the time?!) is a intriguing tale about how, despite your obvious gorgeousness, Usher can't roll with you cos he's still suffering from a visit from the ghost of the ex.

True, few acts are lucky enough to have an arsenal of hits that include 'U Make Me Wanna', 'Nice & Slow' and 'Pop Ya Colla' and maybe Ush has released this, prior to his eagerly anticipated album '8701' to remind us of his versatility and that r&b isn't always about dance-floor fillers, but something a little more considered.

Soul mama
6 / 10

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