Vaadat Charigim - 'The World Is Well Lost'

A swirling squall conjured across eight tracks

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  • Vaadat Charigim - 'The World Is Well Lost'
8 / 10
If you wanted to reduce Vaadat Charigim to a single, sellable sentence, it would doubtless run something along the lines of, ‘The Israeli shoegaze group whose singer sounds like a Hebrew Morrissey.’ It’d probably be enough to pique curiosity in the Tel Aviv trio, too, given the eternal scarcity of Israeli shoegaze groups whose singers... well, you know. Yet it’s not curiosity that will keep you coming back to this debut album, but the swirling squall conjured across its eight tracks, all sung in frontman Juval Haring’s rich Hebraic drone. The apocalyptic video for ‘Odisea’ suggests Vadaat Charigim themselves have a very definite agenda, but for the rest of us, ‘The World Is Well Lost’ is an esoteric mystery, left wonderfully open to interpretation.

Barry Nicolson

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