Van Halen - 'A Different Kind Of Truth'

Goofball guitars and innuendo all the way

  • Release Date 06 Feb, 2012
  • Producer Van Halen, John Shanks
  • Record Label Interscope
  • Fact This is their 12th studio album
7 / 10
A lot of the songs on the first album in 28 years from the classic Van Halen line-up (with Dave Lee Roth singing) are based on demos they made in the ’70s. Good idea: the last thing you want from these eternal adolescents is their take – musically or lyrically –- on the modern world. So it’s goofball guitars and innuendo all the way. One song is called ‘She’s The Woman’ and features the line: “Let me be your knight in shining pickup truck”. Another is called ‘Honeybabysweetiedoll’. Not ‘different’ at all, then, but for an album that you might think is merely an excuse for a megabucks world tour, it sure does, er, wail.

Liam Cash

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