Album review: Various Artists - '5'

A label of love gets the recognition it deserves

Hyperdub has had a five-year purple patch – impressive considering this compilation celebrates the label’s fifth birthday. The first disc is given over to new material tracing the latest splintering in dubstep’s development, including the intricate post-garage of Cooly G’s ‘Weekend Fly’ and LV’s pairing of cavernous dub with gut-level synths on ‘Turn Away’. Disc two deals with the key releases – the genius borne amid spliff smoke and high population density. Seriously, where did London channel its angst before Burial’s ‘South London Boroughs’ or Kode9’s ‘9 Samurai’? And how did a small label run by a university lecturer become one of the most important in the world? Here’s how.

Louise Brailey

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