The Static Jacks - 'If You're Young'

They haven’t got the most ambitious creative palette

  • Release Date 05 Mar, 2012
  • Producer Chris Shaw
  • Record Label Fearless
  • Fact They've supported the likes of Tokyo Police Club, The Futureheads, Biffy Clyro and White Denim,
4 / 10
New Jersey’s The Static Jacks haven’t got the most ambitious creative palette. On first listen, they’re the high-school band who never grew out of playing Green Day covers. On second listen, you hear a note of Anglophilia, but sadly only the sort fostered by playing tour support to The Wombats. Opener ‘Defend Rosie’ careers in with all the grand impressions of a discarded Alkaline Trio B-side.

It’s hard to ignore the conviction that permeates ‘If You’re Young’; the charitable might find themselves supporting these underdogs striving hard with limited tools. By the tremendously mundane ‘Relief’, though, even a saint’s charity would be tested.

Simon Jay Catling

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