Various Artists - 'Sea Monsters 2: Best Of Brighton'

You probably won't find your new favourite music here

  • Release Date 09 Apr, 2012
  • Record Label One Inch Badge
  • Fact The label describe this as a "a document of the Brighton scene in 2011".
5 / 10
Brighton, Brighton, Brighton. Home to Rizzle Kicks, The Maccabees and, er, The Kooks. Brighton is also the base of promoters and record label One Inch Badge, who have compiled 33 new local bands for their second 'Sea Monsters' compilation. While you probably won't find your new favourite here (as with many scene compilations there are as many ‘not goods’ as ‘goods’), the melancholy guitar pop of Fear Of Men's 'Doldrums' shows why they've been asked to tour the entire UK this year and not just play down the road, while the nautical Tall Ships and Jumping Ships will no doubt have fans of mathy, shouty rock moving their hips at joint-destroying speeds. Sons Of Noel And Adrian (or should I say Sons of Beirut and Laura Marling?) do polished hearty alt-folk well while the doomy Plague Sermon and Sea Bastard win special prizes for having cool names that’ll shit up the insipidly monikered Us Baby Bear Bones until ‘Sea Monsters 3’ rolls around.

Sian Rowe

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