San Cisco – ‘Beach EP’

San Cisco exist in the place where indie-pop meets soft rock

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Still reeling from the INXS split? Fear not: 2012 has given us more Aussie-rock thrills than a Pugwall’s Summer box-set. Recent Radar stars San Cisco (from Fremantle, Australia – nowhere near San Francisco) exist in the place where indie-pop meets soft rock in a ‘fuck yeah!’ air-punch. The title track here is blissful and filmic, with throbbing emoti-bass and spooky-kid vocals in the chorus, while ‘Lover’ and ‘Reckless’ tone down the epicness for a creeping sense of kookiness that peaks on closing track ‘Lover’, featuring the actual, horrible lyrics, “Wha-do-da-do/Da-do-do!/Do-do-da-do/Da-da-da!” That misstep aside, we may have found the Gotye-slayer.
Dan Stubbs
7 / 10

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