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Thurston Moore on the rebound? Kinda

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Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon were the Posh and Becks of New York no-wave, the Brangelina of esoteric guitar tunings. Their split – and the consequent rupture of their band, Sonic Youth – surely made everyone who ever loved indie rock feel a little sad inside. But Thurston’s out to make it better. His new group’s debut is all slanted alt.rock chugs, spat-out beat poetry (‘Mohawk’) and songs about counterculture icons (‘Frank O’Hara Hit’, ‘Burroughs’). It sounds, well, a fair bit like Sonic Youth. Thurston on the rebound? Kinda. But the best thing is that after 30 years of kicking out the jams, he’s still making guitars scream in ecstasy. Clearly, still in love.
Louis Pattison
7 / 10

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