Van Dyke Parks - 'Songs Cycled'

Brian Wilson's lyric man revists the past and present

Photo: Press
  • Release Date 08 Apr, 2013
  • Record Label Bella Union
6 / 10
Best known as the lyricist for Brian Wilson’s cartoon symphonies on ‘Smile’, Van Dyke Parks has always been out of time, celebrating an America that swings between the Wild West and the genteel 1920s. Now 70, he’s looking back, and ‘Songs Cycled’ brings together newish songs and re-recorded old numbers, with ‘Money Is King’ and ‘Wall Street’ conjuring a Mad Men atmosphere and ‘The Parting Hand’ passing as an O Brother, Where Art Thou? outtake. Guests such as The Bird And The Bee’s Inara George bring us somewhere near the present, but this is an intriguing curio of a forgotten time.

Matthew Horton

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