Miss Kittin - 'Calling From The Stars'

Reaffirms electroclash as the greatest pop formula that never was

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Meet Caroline 'Miss Kittin' Hervé. Caroline invented electroclash. Bad move. Electroclash, you see, gave rise to electrotech. And from electrotech squeezed forth the colossal, omni-stinking turd that is EDM. Why we totally forgive her is because in truly righteous fashion 'Calling…' reaffirms electroclash as the greatest pop formula that never was. From the title track's monochromatic cold wave, to the lip-curled machine-punk of 'Bassline', to 'Flash Forward' – John Foxx hammering the Drive soundtrack – melody and minimalism meet spite and morbidity for a cool-as-fuck, give-a-fuck, piercingly immediate kind of pop.

John Calvert

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