Dungeonesse - ‘Dungeonesse’

Dungeonesse want to “reclaim pop” and “place it squarely in the hands of a couple of regular nerds”

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7 / 10
Jenn Wasner is best known as half of Baltimore indie-folk duo Wye Oak, and John Ehrens as electro-man White Life. But as Dungeonesse they want to “reclaim pop” and “place it squarely in the hands of a couple of regular nerds”. This ignores the best things about pop (its glorious over-the-topness, and the fact its greatest stars such as Lady Gaga or Prince are anything but a regular occurence), but there’s enough to like here on ‘Dungeonesse’. ‘Shucks’ is bubbly and cute, and
on ‘This Could Be Home’ Wasner lets loose, trilling the words “I feel amazing” in a way that’ll make you feel the same in an instant. The slow jam (‘Show You’) is less successful – a sort of awkward hug rather than a lustful deep grind – and on ‘Wake Me Up’ they don’t do wistful as well as that other indie-via-R&B crew, Poliça. Ultimately the one thing truly lacking on ‘Dungeonesse’ is the bright spark that makes pop stars so entertaining to obsess over.

Siân Rowe

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