Dirty Beaches - 'Drifters / Love Is The Devil'

Cinemantic no wave meets rockabilly

  • Release Date 20 May, 2013
  • Producer Alex Hungtai
  • Record Label Zoo Music
  • Fact This was recorded in the Berlin studio of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe
6 / 10
Vancouver-based Alex Zhang Hungtai has focused on the cinematic side of his Dirty Beaches project on this double album. First half ‘Drifters’ is action packed. ‘I Dream In Neon’ is a dangerous-sounding minimal take on glam-rock with filtered vocals and starlight twinkles, while ‘Belgrade’’s throbs sound like a car chase from a twisted Guinness advert. Second half ‘Love Is The Devil’ flits from the dramatic ‘Greyhound At Night’ to the euphoria of ‘I Don’t Know How To Find My Way Back To You’. There are magic moments, but the overall effect might make you drift off rather than have you on the edge of your seat.

Siân Rowe

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