Swindle - 'Long Live The Jazz'

A unique and invigorating record from an astonishing talent

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  • Release Date 17 Jun, 2013
  • Record Label Deep Medi
8 / 10
Ever wondered what Herbie Hancock or Charles Mingus would sound like had they been born 50 years later and raised on a diet of UK bass music? Probably not, but the second album from London grime/dubstep luminary Swindle gives you a good idea anyway. A classically trained jazz musician, Swindle has a love for all music, rather than the fads and fashions that often afflict the dance underground. As such, ‘LLTJ’ works by tempering disgusting basslines and lurching rhythms with soothing musicality and vocal turns, making for a unique and invigorating record from an astonishing talent.

Jon Cook

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