oOoOO - 'Without Your Love'

Short on substance

  • Release Date 24 Jun, 2013
  • Record Label Nihjgt Feelings
4 / 10
On ‘Without Your Love’, San Francisco’s Chris Dexter finds himself in an awkward position. When the earliest oOoOO productions oozed onto the internet in early 2010, his etheric gusts of soft synth and jittery rhythms felt both audacious and super-modern. After that, of course, the witch house micro-trend became a bandwagon, and on this, his first album proper, Dexter is basically in much the same position as all the other bedroom-production schmoes, tinkering with the same cracked software. This might not be a problem if oOoOO had some other daring genre-splices, but sadly ‘Without Your Love’ just sounds tired. The title track and ‘Misunderstood’ slink along moodily in a minor key, with the odd whisper of Auto-Tune to suggest a depressed T-Pain has somehow got trapped in a nearby cupboard. ‘The South’ whips up a bit of vigour by pushing the trap beats to the fore, but ultimately it feels short on substance, with the sort of atmosphere that can drain through your fingers.

Louis Pattison

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