Solar Year - 'Waverly'

Mysticism coated in metallic machine noise

  • Release Date 24 Jun, 2013
  • Record Label Splendour
7 / 10
Yet another ’90s micro-genre gets the hipster revival treatment on Montreal duo Solar Year’s snazzy debut. New Age-y electronica is reworked as a thing of synthetic sterility in a deliberate affront to the genre’s earthily ethno-wanky inventors (stinky ’90s techno-hippies) and Ben Borden and David Ertel ditch any inspiring mantras in favour of less comforting sounds. It’s packed full of marauding bass synths and pitch-shifted vocals. Album highlight ‘Lines’ is Pure Moods injected with dubstep, while – epitomising ‘Waverly’’s tension between McSpritualism and sharp modernist edge – the Queen of revivalism, Grimes, guests on ‘Brotherhood’, where mysticism is coated in metallic machine noise.

John Calvert

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