CFCF - 'Outside'

Contempory electronica with pure '80s arrangements, think ambient-period Talk Talk, The Blue Nile at their most studied

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  • Release Date 21 Oct, 2013
  • Record Label Dummy
  • CFCF - 'Outside'
6 / 10
Montreal's Mike Silver has let his expanding horizons dictate his second album, which reflects his regular travel between North American metropolises. It's electronica made with technology that's very 2013 but arrangements that are pure ‘80s. Think ambient-period Talk Talk, The Blue Nile at their most studied or even – no, come back! – Sting or Peter Gabriel's more introverted moments, particularly on the beautifully mechanical Bonnie 'Prince' Billy cover 'Strange Form Of Life', and when the synths find the marimba setting on 'Jump Out Of The Train'. It's a well-assembled album, and the steady trance-like flow of 'The Forest At Night', and the eiderdown of sound on 'Transcend' are absorbing.

Matthew Horton

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