Josephine Foster - 'I'm A Dreamer'

‘I’m A Dreamer’ is another stellar effort, perhaps a career high

  • Release Date 11 Nov, 2013
  • Record Label Fire
8 / 10
Following a fragmented collection of songs based on Emily Dickinson poems then two Spanish-language albums made with her husband, ghostly American folkist Josephine Foster delivered ‘conventional’ album ‘Blood Rushing’ last year. Scare quotes are necessary because Foster’s hand-cranked wyrd-folk is scarcely ‘conventional’ by most standards. But ‘I’m A Dreamer’ is another stellar effort, perhaps a career high: recorded in Nashville with several session hands, it largely avoids the town’s country legacy. There’s pedal steel aplenty, and mournful balladry, but the off-centre clanking piano and lyrical soul-searching in songs like ‘My Wandering Heart’ are equal parts Tom Waits and Nico, while remaining individual and moving.

Noel Gardner

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