September Girls - 'Cursing The Sea'

Dubliners' debut mixes Mary Chain fuzz with Ramones spirit

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  • Release Date 06 Jan, 2014
  • Record Label Fortuna POP!
7 / 10
The debut album by Dublin’s September Girls arrives in the wake of six singles, released inside less than two years. That’s the sort of workrate that harks back to a bygone era of independent music – as does their dark-hearted, harmonic fuzz-rock. Enthusiasts of the sound September Girls offer – at the nexus between 60s girl group sounds, ’70s buzzsaw punk chug and ’80s indiepop naiveté – have had plenty to keep them sated in the past half-decade or so. It’s nearly three years, though, since the last album by Vivian Girls, the band SG most closely recall; ‘Cursing The Sea’ is a more than adequate stand-in. Caoimhe Derwin and Jessie Ward’s guitars have perfected that Jesus And Mary Chain kettle-whistle sound, lending a haunted air to otherwise energetic stomps like ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘Talking’. ‘Money’ (their titles tend towards the phlegmatic) and ‘Someone New’ provide a victorious one-two punch late on, bursting with the spirit of the Ramones circa ‘End Of The Century’.

Noel Gardner

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