Withered Hand - 'New Gods'

Fence Collective member follows up 2009's 'Good News' with bright pop-rock

  • Release Date 10 Mar, 2014
  • Record Label Fortuna POP!
  • Withered Hand - 'New Gods'
7 / 10
The songwriter otherwise known as Dan Willson, one plank of modern folk crew Fence Collective, has taken his time over this follow-up to 2009’s ‘Good News’ and it’s worked wonders – a mournfully drippy, strumming caterpillar is reborn a bright pop-rock butterfly. Drawing on the same sort of sunkissed sounds as the likes of Real Estate and Best Coast cut with sharp and melancholy humour, ‘New Gods’ is endlessly lovable stuff. The warmth and depth of the production is offset by Willson’s wavering, otherworldly voice on the likes of the richly twanging ‘Horseshoe’, and ‘Black Tambourine’ zings with Teenage Fanclub-ish exuberance. There’s still slight mawk on ‘Love Over Desire’, but the frisky and footloose likes of ‘King Of Hollywood’ and ‘Not Alone’ mark a new lease of life.

Emily Mackay

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