Ibibio Sound Machine - 'Let's Dance'

Psychedelic jazz wigouts rife with bongo breakdowns

  • Release Date 17 Mar, 2014
  • Record Label Soundway
  • Ibibio Sound Machine - 'Let's Dance'
6 / 10
Ibibio Sound Machine may look like the new Peaches from the electroclash-saluting image of singer Eno Williams on their debut album cover, but they're actually a producer collective. Trading in full-fat funk, they make uplifting West African beats and Afro-soul jams. Along with Williams's intriguing folk stories sung in her mother's native Nigerian Ibibio, these flavours infuse one endless, loosely psychedelic jazz noodle of a debut album. In places, the mélange just about works: ‘Let’s Dance’ sounds as if Grace Jones and James Murphy are playing Ghanaian highlife music for their lives. In others, it's lost in incessant bongo breakdowns and overblown brass. Best enjoyed off your face at a festival and forgotten about the next day.

Kate Hutchinson

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