Annie Eve - 'Feversome' EP

North London singer-songwriter lacks the edge to distinguish her from her peers

  • Release Date 31 Mar, 2014
  • Record Label Young & Lost Club
  • Annie Eve - 'Feversome' EP
6 / 10
Opening with a guitar line matched in tone, tempo and timbre to those of Daughter’s Igor Haefeli, ‘Shuffle’, the first track on Annie Eve’s ‘Feversome’ EP, borrows gently from the sound of the misty shoe-folk set. Plus, she’s been taken into the Communion stable and has a singing voice with a European bent that masks her north London roots. The second of the three tracks, ‘Southern’, is a melancholy affair, Annie’s vocal verging on a mumble but always just pulling back from the brink of indecipherability. Ending with the sombre lament of the title track, the EP displays a solid foundation: a charming voice and inoffensively pleasant songwriting. What Annie Eve lacks, though, is the spark of distinction possessed by her modern folk peers.

Hayley Avron

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