Allez Bartoli - 'Dola'

Soviet cosmonauts lost in space underpin the Belfast experimentalists debut

  • Release Date 07 Apr, 2014
  • Record Label Self-released
7 / 10
Allez Bartoli are a Belfast-based experimental duo from Derry made up of Gregory McGeady and Emmet Colton, and this, their self-released first album about Soviet cosmonauts lost in space, is impressive. Formed in 2010, the pair’s first EP, 'Blah', offered an uneven mix of pop and post-rock. With 'Dola', however, they've embraced the hazy electronic drones of Boards Of Canada and, in turn, have given themselves more room to manoeuvre. 'Koliada Drift' embodies these wider horizons by entertaining flashes of dubstep; 'Etana' sounds like Massive Attack soundtracking the apocalypse and the epic 'The Drowning Of Marzana' is worthy of Mike Oldfield. The brief, spurious ambience of 'Zora' aside, ‘Dola’ shows a band with a newfound coherence and sense of direction.

Huw Nesbitt

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