Tove Lo - 'Truth Serum'

The Swedish pop star doesn't beat around the bush with her bad girl lyrics but her debut EP doesn't live up to the thrills she alludes to

  • Release Date 07 Apr, 2014
  • Record Label Polydor
  • Tove Lo - 'Truth Serum'
6 / 10
Though her controversy-courting bad-girl schtick comes off a mite calculated, you have to respect Tove Lo. Her persona of 'mandatory unstable coke-head at a party' sees the Swede rarely mincing her words when detailing the minutiae of her fraught personal life, and any pop star willing to open their lead single with the line “I eat my dinner in a bathtub, then I go to sex clubs” ('Habits') is clearly out to upset the status quo. What’s mystifying is why the 25-year-old’s debut isn't anywhere near as boundary pushing, sonically – instead, it’s dominated by anodyne, cliché-packed Scandi-pop. Though the edgy 'Habits' appropriates the witch-pop of Purity Ring, overall 'Truth Serum' is more Britney than bacchanalia.

John Calvert

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