Tirzah - 'No Romance' EP

Micachu collaborator builds weird rewards with garage rhythms and clashing loops

  • Release Date 21 Apr, 2014
  • Record Label Greco-Roman
  • Tirzah - 'No Romance' EP
6 / 10
Tirzah follows up her 2013 EP ‘I’m Not Dancing’ with another collection of lo-fi pop oddities with beats provided by Mica Levi (Micachu & The Shapes). ‘No Romance’ is this five-tracker’s most accessible moment, a childlike take on a garage rhythm, complete with idealistic lyrics imagining a life without problems of the heart. Elsewhere, things get decidedly weirder and with only mixed returns: ‘Style’ builds on producer Levi’s discordant loops and low-end muscle to create something unique, while Tirzah fails to assert herself on ‘Best Thing’ and ‘You’ in a way that is woefully forgettable. An undeniable talent, the time will come for this Londoner to make her definitive statement. This isn’t quite it.

David Renshaw

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