Jacques Greene - 'Phantom Vibrate'

Montreal trendsetter sticks to his tried and trusted R&B-meets-house formula

  • Release Date 28 Apr, 2014
  • Record Label LuckyMe
8 / 10
Back in 2010, Montreal’s Jacques Greene was reviving the fashion for putting R&B vocals on house tracks, earning himself a reputation as one of the most exciting young producers in dance music along the way. The Phantom Vibrate EP doesn’t exactly deviate from this path. But ‘No Excuse’ and ‘Time Again (Feel What)’ show Greene to be a master at the style, his clipped vocal samples giving a mournful elegance to the woozy synths and hiccuping beats. 'Night Tracking', meanwhile, eschews vocals in favour of beautifully crafted late-night house beats. This is dance music finesse for the body and mind, house with a troubled soul that will appeal to fans of both The xx (who Greene has toured with) and Radiohead (who he’s remixed).

Ben Cardew

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