We Were Evergreen - 'Towards'

French group fail to impress with whiny indie-pop

  • Release Date 05 May, 2014
  • Record Label Island
  • We Were Evergreen - 'Towards'
5 / 10
Had they stayed in Paris, We Were Evergreen would probably be good candidates for constant rotation on Le Mouv’, France’s 6Music equivalent, obsessed as it is with fey singing boys and their vampy synths. Instead, the trio have ended up relocating to London, where we still have strict legal maximums on how much quirky keyboard-led vulnerability young men can show in public. While ‘Daughters’ says they’re capable of touching the smoky holiness of Erland Øye, round the back nine (‘Golden Fire’, ‘Kilmore’s End’, ‘Overnight’), the attention to detail slips, and they end up with a load of meat patties of twee that just come across as Owl City in fashionable shoes, a whiny inner-child deserving of a smacked botty-bot.

Gavin Haynes

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