A.J. Ellis - 'Bury The Devil'

An accomplished if predictable outing from the former Five O'Clock Heroes man

  • Release Date 28 Jul, 2014
  • Record Label MRI Associated
6 / 10
New York indie outfit the Five O'Clock Heroes emerged in the mid-2000s, during that strange period when all you needed to claim your 15 minutes was proof that you paid taxes in Manhattan. They were arguably worthier than most, however, and for his debut solo album, frontman Antony Ellis (who is actually from Northampton) has stuck pretty rigidly to the same new wave template, sprucing things up with flashes of country or rockabilly, but never deviating too far from the Elvis Costello-Joe Jackson axis. As such, ‘Bury The Devil’ suffers some of the same problems the Heroes did - a tendency towards Poundstretcher indie - but tracks like ‘Cheating The Czar’, ‘Stand Up’ and ‘The Complex’ prove that Ellis’ knack for hooks remains intact.

Barry Nicolson

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