Tiny Fingers - 'Megafauna'

Israelis' third album suffers from an unwillingness to let its songs breathe

  • Release Date 28 Jul, 2014
  • Record Label Anova
4 / 10
Their sound sprawls across post-rock, psychedelia, dub and electronica, but it's easier to describe Tiny Fingers as an instrumental prog-rock band, the kind of group you might expect Animal Collective and Omar Souleyman to discuss over lunch. Fittingly, the Israeli quartet’s third album ‘Megafauna’ could have come from pretty much anywhere. The cover’s a cheesy sci-fi illustration and the soupy music is a bloodless modern facsimile of King Crimson. The seven-minute 'Demands' is especially arduous, swamped in misplaced bass and cat-swinging guitar wails. Oren Ben David's riffs are occasionally decent, and fans of The Mars Volta might get their jollies in parts, but Tiny Fingers suffer from an unwillingness to let their songs breathe.

Noel Gardner

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