Laura Mvula - 'With Metropole Orkest'

Debut 'Sing To The Moon' gets an orchestral reworking

  • Release Date 11 Aug, 2014
  • Record Label RCA Victor
  • Laura Mvula - 'With Metropole Orkest'
6 / 10
Re-recording your debut album with a 52-piece orchestra is pretty audacious. But then, Laura Mvula – who introduced psychedelic jazz and gospel to R&B on last year's ‘Sing To The Moon’ – isn’t your standard pop star. Mvula's original vision for the LP apparently involved an orchestra, which makes this low-key repress arguably the definitive version. Whether her audience will prefer it is debatable. Upping the classical jazziness leads to increased depth, tone and finesse, and at its best – on the billowing, string-laden ‘Make Me Lovely’ – we’re in Bond theme territory. In smoothing off the edges, though, it loses its mechanical funk, becoming the Laura Mvula album your aunt might own.
Ben Cardew

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