FaltyDL - 'In The Wild'

A discomfiting but sometimes beautiful collection from the New York beatmaster

  • Release Date 11 Aug, 2014
  • Record Label Ninja Tune
  • FaltyDL - 'In The Wild'
7 / 10
The fourth album from New York beatsmith FaltyDL (aka Andrew Lustman), is certainly well named: the record stumbles between pastoral ambience and feral beats in what is a discomfiting but sometimes beautiful collection. Lustman’s weapons of choice are chopped samples, stately jazz chords, synth washes and awkward rhythms that never quite settle. The effect is a mixture of menace and calm, often within the same song. The vocal and drum attack of ‘Do Me’ is frenetic, while ‘Heart & Soul’ sounds like the needle skipping on a particularly graceful drum’n’bass tune. Overall, it makes for a fascinating listen that rewards close attention, even if a lack of true standouts means the album is more impressive than loveable.
Ben Cardew

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