NehruvianDOOM - 'NehruvianDOOM'

The New York rising star and legendary producer can't quite pull off this collaboration

  • Release Date 13 Oct, 2014
  • Record Label Lex
7 / 10
This latest hook-up between rising New York MC Bishop Nehru and legendary metal-masked producer and rapper MF DOOM neatly illustrates the potential pitfalls of collaboration. Eighteen-year-old Nehru has been releasing hook-filled mixtapes for three years, initially via Odd Future’s online forum. He’s a dextrous lyricist and a hot talent. But on this imbalanced record, where DOOM provides both production and lyrical highlights, he's overshadowed. Its best moment is the wobbly ‘Om’, and with the exception of Nehru’s sing-song chorus on ‘Mean The Most’, DOOM would have been better off keeping these songs for himself. Interesting but inessential.

Ben Cardew

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