Wave Machines - 'Pollen'

A homegrown band that quietly gets on with being awesome

Sssshhh, nature fans – don’t scare off a rare example of a homegrown band that quietly gets on with being awesome, rustling deliciously in the musical undergrowth. Wave Machines’ debut ‘Wave If You’re Really There’ subtly improved 2009 with a blend of fizzy, quirky electropop and indie whimsy; here they’ve burned off the quirk to reveal something great. They’re a wildly disparate listen: the likes of ‘Ill Fit’ carry traces of Hot Chip’s nerdiest, Prince-licking beats and Foals’ latter, sexier grooves, while ‘Walk Before I Run’ is gorgeous, gaseous Talk Talk romance. But like all the best bands, they have their own enchanting internal logic.
Emily Mackay
8 / 10

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